Rhanas Journey
Strength is not always measured in muscle

"A positive attitude makes all the difference."

-Rhana (December 26th, 2012)



Rhana is a 12 year old girl with a lot on her plate. She's a level 5 competing gymnast that almost had her Kip on bars. Her favorite is the floor routine because she likes to run and flip.

In school her favorite subject is Science, however she likes all aspects of school. Her least favorite is Math. (She gets that from her mother) She pours over her Math problems determined to understand them. (she does not get that from her mother)

She is student body Secretary (she was appointed by her classmates and won by a landslide) and before this virus hit her she was in the process of creating a healthier lunch option for the middle school.

She is a younger sister to her brother Brian (18) and an older sister to her brother Jack (6).

Her room is the cleanest room in the house (with the exception of her secret stash of sweeties under her bed ;)

She's a very empathetic child. When she heard of the school shootings in Newtown she cried. She wanted to donate stuffed animals to the surviving kids.

She is a thoughtful child, any birthday comes around she's the master cake maker.

She loves to cook.

She loves to draw.

She loves to look at things under her microscope (don't ever look at cheese, she says!)

She is a do-er. She's not one to sit for long. She's always doing something constructive. Even if it's reading to her little brother.

She fights every day to make progress. December 15 may have changed her circumstance but it has not changed her heart. She has been through a lot, and it is very difficult when all the things you like to do are taken away.  She loved gymnastics, school and her friends, and she is seperated from those activities, or any activity now.  She will work every day to recover but it is a long and difficult road for anyone to travel. Please support her with your prayers, comments and donations.  Help us make a brighter future for our little girl.