Rhanas Journey
Strength is not always measured in muscle

"A positive attitude makes all the difference."

-Rhana (December 26th, 2012)

Words of encouragement are so important. Please don't feel like you have to know her to write. She loves hearing about far away places and other people's personal experiences. Comments are read to her every night or when she's in pain. It helps her immensely. (it helps her parents a bit, too)

Every card and note of encouragement and support goes up on her wall

Rhana's new room transformation begins. Inspirational wall of love and support.

Rhana wants to respond to everyone individually, she won't let us do it for her. One day, you'll get a message from her, we promise! When you do it will be a great day because that will mean Rhana will be able to communicate through type! :) In the meantime, please keep writing. She enjoys reading the comments every night!