Rhanas Journey
Strength is not always measured in muscle

"A positive attitude makes all the difference."

-Rhana (December 26th, 2012)

Special Thanks!

There are so many Angels, so many beautiful and caring people that it would take so long to give proper thanks we'd be here all day. That being said we have a few we'd like to mention by name.

HUGE thank you to Mike Powell from Home Depot for his generous contributions. You're making things happen, Mike. Fast. You're my personal hero.

South County Movement Center, thanks to all Rhana's gymnastic team and coaches for their amazing support visits and donations.  You guys make us feel less alone. You haven't forgotten us and that means more than you will ever know. Because of the funds you raised at the spaghetti supper, we are able to get Rhana an upgraded wheelchair. One she can get off the pavement and participate in things she wouldn't be able to do. <3 All our love.

Rhana's frends and fellow students at her middle school. And thanks to the many familys from around South County, RI, and the rest of the world for your donations.

The beautiful people at The American Legion Post 27 in Hope Valley for setting up a bike ride for Rhana. 200 bikers showed up.. The video is on facebook. Check it out. It brought me to my knees with gratitude. Love you guys <3

The wonderful people at https://thefairwayfoundation.org/ For donating a van so we can bring our daughter home safely!!! You can't even imagine what this means to us. <3

Her camp councelor in training  wrote a beautiful blog:


Shawn Fleming - for immense work on Rhanas behalf.

Leanne Cordner - For a fantastic fundraising effort.

Her pain specialist Dr. Anderson at Children's Hasbro. Dr. A, you are an Angel. All I can say is thank you, that seems so little for all you have done. You love our little girl and you care. We love you.

Shasa Phillips, MD - For being a great friend through this all.

Nurse Jess <3 you're Rhanas favorite for many reasons, the main one is your compassion. You make her feel safe.

Nurse Ryan for being silly.

Nurse Tara for making Rhana laugh

Nurse Maureen for teaching myself and her dad how to get in there and be a part of her care. Prior to nurse Maureen I was so afraid to even touch her, she seemed so fragile. Now? we can bag and suction and clean and care for our daughter.

Nurse Sharon (REHAB) - Thank you for talking to me, and for making Rhana smile. Thank you for being competent and compassionate.

Nurse Cheryl (Rehab) Thank you for walking me through the care chart and getting me checked off. Also for the insight on having a child with special needs. You love your job and you love those kids and it shows.

Respiratory Therapist Mark - You are a rock star and you always give my daughter encouragement.

Respiratory Theripast Mark (old Mark) hehe-  for always having a quirky story and for bringing Rhana a red velvet cupcake :)

Respiratory Therapist Jean - for the story of your neighbor friend you sometimes care for. You let Rhana know there is life to be enjoyed on a respirator.

Respiratory Therapist (REHAB) Nefees - You guard her lungs like a mother hen. You make her feel safe and in capable hands. We can't wait to hear of your country India. We like your beard and the gift of your granola bar sealed your fate in Rhana's heart.

Respiatory Therapist (HSC) Ed - for doing a great job and bringing twizzlers.

Respiratory Therapist Melissa (REHAB) Thank you for holding Rhana's hand on that first vent ween <3

Respiratory Therapist Sam (Rehab) for doing her nails, always smiling and being you. Us Rhode Islanders need to stick together!

Security Guard Jean (pronounced John) thank you for always getting the door for me.

Greta, for always having coffee for me and being the ONLY constant in the ICU. We love you!

CNA Diana (HSC) - You understand her needs better than anyone and you make her comfortable. With great love and care. I want to bring you home with us.

CEO of http://www.didit.com/ for making the biggest donation so far to her care fund. We love you Kevin Lee.

Matthew Provost at http://www.techaccess-ri.org/ for working on my daughter's communication. You give me hope that she can maintain her learning and be able to have a world outside the hospital.

Stormy - for being the go-between and selling bracelets.

Jeff Smith at Charlestown Builders for helping us install an elevator and a bathroom so that when Rhana comes home she will be comfortable.

The wonderful people at http://www.ResidentialElevators.us.com  are donating their labor to get Rhana's elevator installed. Joe made me cry when he told me. Angels...I'm telling ya.

The People at the Elementary School, Middle School and High school of the http://www.chariho.k12.ri.us/ school district for understanding and cutting my boys some slack. We're getting back into the groove but they have been great in allowing us some space to get there. They're also working to get Rhana back on track with her studies (this is her biggest concern)

To the people of http://www.hfsc.org  Hospital for Special Care (her rehab) For expediting her transfer and getting Rhana into rehab. Thank you for being excited to get your hands on our little girl. We know we have a road ahead of us but her father and I are so thankful for you guys. You will be her home for a while and you make it feel like a home.

South County Movement Center - For an amazing fundraiser:


Dennis Smail and his daughter Delaney. You guys are rock stars.

Thank you to http://www.facebook.com/TheScottieWrightMemorialFund for the generous donation.

To all of our family and friends, we could not have come this far without knowing you are there for us. You guys pick up the slack so we can concentrate on our little girl.

Thanks to all at the Hospital for Special Care, for helping Rhanas recovery.

Thanks to channel 6 and channel 10 Providence for news reporting.

To all who have donated, your gifts will help Rhanas recovery. I wish we had time to list everyone.

There are so many more...we'll get there. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!